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CS-Cart Content Installation

Before demo content installation,
CS-Cart software must be Install to a web server with Database PREFIX 'cscart_'.

If at you it is already established CS-Cart software with your content,
Before installation of our DEMO CONTENT necessarily SAVE The data.
CS-Cart use termin `skin` for template.

Save your Database:
Enter into administration panel and go to 'Administration' - 'Database / Backup'.
Click button 'Backup' for save Database dump on your computer. The following screenshot shows that we save Database dump to CS-Cart store folder /var/database/backup/ to a web server.

- Save all images
from a folder 'images' to your CS-Cart root folder to other folder on your computer.
Then clean folder 'images' to your CS-Cart root folder.

Extracting archive
contents in a folder on your computer, for example folder name 'newtemplate'.

1. Upload zip-arhive file
images.zip withing 'newtemplate/teplatename/demo/upload' (*) folder to your CS-Cart store folder to a web server. In our screenshot CS-Cart store folder name is `_cscart`.  The following screenshot shows that we have uploaded a template zip file to CS-Cart store folder to a web server. We should Extract images.zip file to this folder.

Let's just click on the Extract File(s) button.



2.  Upload DEMO Database
dump .sql file to CS-Cart store folder / var/database/backup/ to a web server.
Open 'Database'/'Restore' page the administration panel. Click link 'Local' and choose the necessary dump .sql file from 'newtemplate/teplatename/demo/database/ professional_2.2.4/' or from 'newtemplate/teplatename/demo/database/ community_2.2.4/'  folder on your computer.

Be sure that you choose the right version
dump .sql file to your CS-Cart sofware. We have 2 DEMO Database dump .sql files for CS-Cart Professional Edition v.2.2.4 (folder 'newtemplate/teplatename/demo/database/ professional_2.2.4/') and for CS-Cart Community Edition v.2.2.4 (folder 'newtemplate/teplatename/demo/database/ community_2.2.4/').
Click on 'Upload' button. Database dump .sql file was adding to list below. The following screenshot shows that we Upload dump .sql file to CS-Cart store folder /var/database/backup/ to a web server.

3.  Restore Database from DEMO Database dump .sql.
Open 'Database'/'Restore' page the administration panel. Choose DEMO .sql file from list below and click button 'Restore'. Wait when process was finish. The following screenshot shows the process page the database restore.

We have just finished uploading DEMO CONTENT for your CS-Cart store.
Now admin data was CHANGED:   
Username: admin
Password: demoadmin

Necessarily change Username and Password for Top Administrator.
Enter into administration panel and go to 'Customers'/'Administrators'.
Edit the data of the user with Username: admin

4.  Our DEMO CONTENT  have  enable template 'Basic skin'.
Enable the YOUR template (skin) to the administration panel. Open 'Design'/'Skin selector' page the administration panel. Choose the necessary skin for the customer area in the 'Skin for customer area' select box. The skin preview image is displayed below. Click on 'Save' button.

We should not forget to backup our files beforehand if any code changes are required for templates in store codes.
A folder name 'teplatename' is Template`s Model, example 'cs000001'.


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Comparison CS-Cart, OpenCart, Ecwid

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