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Very long time ago, in 2001, three creators of the popular designer of the websites Webs asked themselves a question. If now all can create own E-mail absolutely free of charge. That why not to give the chance to users to create the own website? Without expensive services of the programmer. Independently, quickly and simply. And if the website begins to pay off and bring benefit. That can be expanded also with its functionality , having paid for its lease.

Online designers of the websites work on a cloud technology of SaaS. SaaS is an abbreviation of the English Software as a Service (Programs in the form of Service). It means that along with the Designer for creation of your website. To you also the hosting is provided to for this website . That is you can create and post online your website independently. Webs have free and paid packets.

Address: of http://www.webs.com
Alexa Rank: 0,342
Price: Free, Starter of 3.75$/month , Enhanced 7.50 of $/month , Pro of 16.67$/month
Live Site: 
of http://websiteskin.webs.com
As an example of the website created on Weebly it is possible to look at my website Websiteskin .


Before registration get the separate folder for your new website on Webs . With subfolders of the Picture, Texts, the Account. In the Account folder save the file with E-mail, the Password, the Address of your website. Then enter these data into the registration form on the home page Webs. Press the green Get Started button (We start)

For creation of your website Webs will suggest you to select

  • Category of the website
  • Website name
  • Start pages
  • Design subject
  • Website address
  • Paid or free

After filling of all steps the green Next Step button (the following step) will turn into the Go to Builder button (To pass to Create)

to Create

As during creation of your new website the main pages were already mortgaged. Home, the Blog, Gallerey, About me, Contacts . That now them it is necessary to fill with your contents . It becomes in the Builder


Filling by contents becomes drag and drop of the module contents in the right place of the page. These modules are located below. With icons . They can be hidden, having clicked a small square (-minus) below on the right.

Modules are grouped in types

The main

  • Heading
  • Text
  • Image
  • Image and text
  • Slideshow
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Button
  • Form
  • Card


  • 2 Columns
  • 3 Columns
  • Table
  • Combo
  • Space
  • HTML code
  • Divider


  • Mailing
  • Social links
  • Fida Twitter
  • FB Like Boxing
  • FB Comments
  • Twitter Followers
  • To share


  • PayPal Buy
  • Google Buy
  • Donate Give


  • Department of Membership

Management of the website

The top horizontal panel is a Management of your website.

 Стрелочки to the right of the Webs logo

  • Settings of your account
  • Management of the website
  • Viewing of the website
  • To create the new website
  • Output

Orange Premium button packets , green Publish button

Links of management of the website

  • Home the Panel of settings with tabs
  • To create
  • Pages
  • Design subject
  • Help


At a clique on the link of the Page the window of creation and management of pages of the website opens. Drag and drop of pages up-down can change their sequence in the navigation menu. If to drag any page in the top on a lodge, it will be the home page with which your website is loaded. Drag and drop of pages to the right-to the left can change an enclosure of pages , creating root, parent pages and child subpages.

At a clique on the big green Add the New Page button the window with tabs where it is necessary to specify page type - of Standatnaya, the Application, the Link will open.

For standard pages needs to select the model

  • Standard
  • Saydbar at the left
  • Saydbar on the right
  • Banner
  • Banner / Saydbar at the left
  • Banner / Saydbar on the right

Before creation of the page it is necessary to enter her name.

Mortgaged during creation of the website, of the page does not need to be deleted with to create new. Any page can be changed . On the right at the top of each page in Create mode the small menu of its settings appears . Canceling of changes, viewing of the page , setup gear

The page it is possible

  • To rename
  • To add meta-tags
  • To hide in the navigation menu
  • To password-protect
  • To change the model
  • Again to publish
  • To create the new page


During creation of your website you already selected the Subject. It is possible to change it . Webs offers at choice of 45 Subjects . Half of them Multikolor. Are executed in 2 - 6 flowers .

It is possible to configure and change also the Subject . In a control bar above click the link of the Subject . For the selected subject element can configure

  • Color
  • Font
  • Size
  • Leading
  • Color of the link
  • Color of the link when targeting

Panel of Settings

The first link in upravlenn the website with a lodge. At a clique on it the page with the menu of settings opens at the left

Menu of settings

  • House
  • Statistics
  • Domains and E-mail
  • Forms of representations
  • SEO Booster
  • Mobile
  • Installations
  • Printed materials

Mobile website

In settings of the website there is a tab Mobile . Webs with the help of the additional DudaMobile program allows to configure a mobile type of your website

It is possible to select from 6 mobile Templates . Each template has 3 - 6 flowers.

It is possible to configure independently a mobile type your website.

  • The main
  • Heder-futer
  • Pollacks bars
  • Navigation menu

to Create the Text

If the text with the model , for example in 3 columns. We open the necessary page in the Create mode . Below Model Tab. Module 3 columns . We drag in the right place of the page.

We select a tab the Main. We drag the module Heading in the first column. We replace a text of Click here to edit title the heading Responsive Design

Below heading we drag the module the Text . Instead of Click here to edit text we insert the text. In the module of the Column it is possible to change the size of columns , dragging blue markers. The module together with its contents can be moved, having taken a blue tab above. Or to delete, having clicked red tab .

to Create a slideshow

We open the page on which there will be a slideshow in the Create mode. We drag the Slideshow element in the right place of the page. We do doubleclick at the appeared window. The Manager of a Slideshow window opens. the Tab to select the images. It is possible to load images with your computer. Or to specify by a blue frame already loaded images.

When clicking the green Add to a Slideshow button , the second tab of the Manager of a slideshow opens . In this window it is possible to change an order, to add the signature or to delete images of a slideshow. Press the green Save Changes button . The slideshow will be created and will appear on the page.

Makerami in the form of round gray buttons below can change the slideshow size . If lateral dimension of a slideshow does not extend on all page , means disturbs saydbar sideways. That to move away him, it is necessary to change the page layout - without saydbar . The small black menu at the top of the page. Setup gear .

 При to a clique in a slideshow, the black panel of settings of a slideshow above appears. Big the blue button opens the Manager of a slideshow , a gda it is possible to manage images. Other icons - the Arrangement small previews, alignment .

Settings of a slideshow

  • Autodemonstration
  • Substrate
  • Color of a substrate
  • Скорость 
  • Transition


  Websites Builders


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Comparison Google Sites, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Wix, WordPress

Comparison Google Sites, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Wix, WordPress

Comparison Online Site Builders Google Sites, Jimdo, Webs, Weebly, Wix, WordPress
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