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The Ecwid online store works on the SaaS technology . Software as a Service - programs as service. All your goods with the description, images attached by files. Are stored in the north of Ecwid. Ecwid gives access to your control panel. For management of your shop. Access is password-protected by yours.

  • Address: http://www.ecwid.com
  • Alexa Rank: 9,012
  • Price: Free - ( of 10 comrades ), Venture - of 12.5$/month ( of 100 comrades) , Business - of 29.5$/month ( of 2500 comrades ), Unlimited - of 82.5$/month ( Neogranich. comrade )

It is very simple to be registered and create the Ecwid shop. needs to enter the Name, E-mail, the Password. Before registration surely get the Ecwid Shop folder on the computer. the Account your new shop will be b> In it. Save the Name, the thought-up password and E-mail in the text file.


The Ecwid shop works not independently . It works as at your website . For this purpose it is necessary to insert into your website a HTML code the necessary widget of your Ecwid shop. Before an insert it is necessary to create the website

After registration or an input in your Account. the control bar your shop will open. The first the Console tab (Panel board) with the main information will open. Beginning of work. To add shop on your website, insert a code of widgets Ecwid on pages of your website. Number your shop in codes of widgets (for example ID 123456). Specifies that your shop will work at your website as . With your goods. At each shop unique ID number. It automatically is given to your Ecwid shop during creation.



In Ecwid a set of settings. Before creation of categories and an insert of goods it is necessary to make necessary settings. For example the sizes of already inserted pictures of categories cannot be changed automatically. And the sizes of pictures of goods can be changed.


  • The general - the Profile, Mobile version, the Format of data, Languages, the Basket, Files, Migrations
  • Zones - the Countries, Regions, Indexes (it is necessary for delivery)
  • Delivery - delivery Methods, the Source address
  • Taxes - If taxes are provided in your shop.
  • Payment - Payment methods, Google Wallet, Paypal Express Checkout
  • Design - CSS subjects, the Sizes of sketches
  • Notifications - For the buyer, For the administrator
  • Social tools - Buttons to share, Comments (FB), to Tell about purchase, to Ask friends
  • API - For the order, For Goods, For Registration, JavaScript.

Attentively examine the Ecwid settings. Configure some of them. return To others later.



In newly created shop Ecwid there are test contents. Categories and goods fruit vegetables. needs It that the inserted widgets of Ecwid were displayed on pages your website. Delete these contents at an insert of your categories and goods.
The section of Category is in the Directory tab


  • Goods
  • Categories
  • Types of goods

It is possible to add root, parent category. And also to add child подкатегорию.  It does not matter, if you accidentally were mistaken in enclosure or an order of categories . It is always it is possible to edit. At the left revealing the list of categories is. Come into it. Find the necessary category. Drag it to the new place. Drag and drop to the right - to the left is change of an enclosure categories. Drag and drop up - down is change of priority followings of categories in the navigation menu.

When adding category it is possible to set the image of category for convenient navigation. It is possible to add the image of any (not too big) size. The system itself will format it to the size specified by you in settings. For example 240 px .

If it is necessary, it is possible to set the description of category. When adding the text of the description well complete formatting. With an insert of tables, links, pictures, video and other of media of contents.

The preview the added category is available to . Do not forget to Save the created category. For this purpose click the link Save on a blue background on the right above.



Types of goods

Before adding of goods it is necessary to set its category and type. In other store programs types of goods with attributes are called properties or filters .
In the hint of Ecwid it is written that types of goods are groups of goods with identical attributes.
When adding a type attribute of goods it is possible to set the place, where to show it on the товара.  card; In the right panel, in the description of goods not to show. In an example type attributes of goods are shown in the right panel. Above, at once behind the article.

Attributa Type Templates

  • Color - Multi Kolor
  • Category - Hours
  • A brand - CS-Cart

Most widespread a goods type attribute - the Brand . The brand is in General type goods. Ecwid allows to create the, the User types goods. For example, user type Templates . Save newly created type.
Distinction between Type and Parameter goods is important to understand .
Types (properties or filters) - create groups on which goods it is possible to filter and look for .
(or an option) - goods of different executions . Can influence price of goods. Parameters are set when adding goods. Important for Purchase goods.

The goods have Type - the Template . Attrinut the Brand Template . Value CS-Cart Brand .
The goods have Parameter - Colour. Color values - Rubin, Ochre, the Azure, Blue . To select color a point from a circle. In order that to purchase goods . Without indication of color not to put goods in a basket.


The list of goods opens at a clique on the section Goods.
List of goods

  • Article
  • Name
  • Categories
  • Status
  • To delete

It is possible to add New goods. the window of adding of goods with tabs Will open. At a clique on the name it is possible to Change goods. the goods window with tabs Will open.

If there is a lot of goods, it is possible to load them automatically. for this purpose needs to click the Commodity import button . Ecwid allows to import goods from store programs of the development X-Cart and LiteCommerce. And also any goods from the accounting MS Exel programs , 1-C Accounts department , etc. For this purpose there is import from universal tabular CSV format.

Import parameters

  • File of import
  • A divider - tabulation, a comma, a point szapyaty
  • Coding of the file of import
  • Import of columns of fields of goods

If it is necessary, it is possible to delete everything old categories and goods before import new

At a clique on the button the New goods open a window with tabs of goods . They should be filled. To save the made changes and to add goods. It is necessary to click the link Save on the right on a blue background.
Right column товара  -  To Save, the Price, Activity, Existence.

Goods tabs

  • The main - the Article, Weight, Название,  Categories, Description, Image
  • Attributa - type and elements of attribute
  • Parameters - can set parameters of goods and type of display
  • Gallery - additional photos of goods to 10 pieces
  • Files - if the digital goods for downloading (books, music, software) are on sale
  • Taxes and delivery - if it is necessary for this region
  • - to show the connected goods together with goods, it is possible to specify accidental goods
  • A HTML Code - if on the website you sell separate goods

The article defines number given only to these goods. It is necessary in Systems of accounting.
Reference of the same goods at once to several categories. search
the necessary goods Facilitates to the buyer .
Grouping of goods on attributes. search
the necessary goods Facilitates to the buyer .
Parameters goods allow to set the different prices to different executions of one goods. For example Polo-neck same model. But XXL size 5% more expensive. And S size 5% cheaper
Than there is more of additional photos of goods. That the buyer learns about goods more.
The connected goods - a fine method to offer the buyer other goods.
A HTML code - if you build in the website sale of separate goods, but not all shop.


The tab Orders opens the list of all orders made in your shop. With the name of the Buyer purchased by goods, date and the sum.

Orders can be managed . For example to change the status payments and deliveries of the order


The tab Buyers opens the list of all buyers. Having purchased goods, the buyer leaves the E-mail . In the list it is visible how many orders the buyer made. The buyer can be changed and to save

Inline Tunings

Click a tab of of Setup on the right. First point the General. It is possible to configure.
URL shop it is the Internet the address of that website where you build in the main shop Ecwid. The websites with your shop can be a little. If you want to learn attendance statistics your website with Ecwid shop. Insert of ID the Google Analytics code.

Inline tunings

  • To open shop
  • Name of shop
  • URL shop
  • Time zone
  • Google Analytics ID
  • Company name
  • E-mail of the company
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • City
  • Republic / Area
  • Postal index
  • Country
  • Phone number
  • A logo for счета 

Payment Settings

Click a tab of Setup on the right . On the Payment tab can configure Payment of your shop.
Payments can be done through:

  • Payment methods - the choice and connection of Payment service providers
  • Google Wallet - Google the Purse
  • PayPal Express Checkout - Facilitated ПэйПал 

Ecwid can be connected to
Payment service providers Payment methods

  • Credit Card
  • Echeck
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Business Check
  • Fax Order
  • Money Order
  • Personal Check
  • Phone Order
  • Purhase Order
  • Wire Transfer
  • Robokassa
  • Quiwi purse

Delivery Settings

At setup of Delivery can set

  • Delivery methods
  • Source address
  • To return former settings

For each group of goods it is possible to create the method of delivery. And to calculate the delivery price the order. Depending on weight of goods, and delivery distances. Weight is specified at a goods insert. And distance undertakes depending on region deliveries. At design the order

Social Tools

It is possible to tell about goods of your Ecwid shop to friends on social networks of Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, VKontakte, Pinterest. for this purpose in categories and on the товара  card; it is possible to place references and icons. Leaders on your social accounts.
Social tools

  • Share buttons
  • Comments (FB)
  • To tell about purchase
  • To ask friends


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