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In 2004 3 founders of Jimdo created the company on an old farm. Many friends addressed them, asking whether it is possible to use the Jimdo system for personal purposes . Developers were pleasantly surprised, having seen what the remarkable websites users by means of Jimdo created.
It suggested to founders an idea to make service Jimdo public .

"Pages to the People - of the Page to people ". Quite so!

Online designers of the websites work on a cloud technology of SaaS. SaaS is an abbreviation of the English Software as a Service (Programs in the form of Service). It means that along with the Designer for creation of your website. To you also the hosting is provided to for this website . That is you can create and post online your website independently. Quickly, simply and free of charge.

If service was pleasant to you. You can expand its functions by purchase of Paid packets . Thus, for the owner of the website of any risk . One of the most popular online of Designers of the websites Jimdo . Provides the powerful and convenient tool for creation of your website and placement it on the Internet. Jimdo have free and paid packets .

  • Free
  • Pro - of 2 400 rub / in a year
  • Business - of 6 000 rub / in a year

Address: of http://www.jimdo.com
Alexa Rank: 0,499
Live Site: http://technograde.jimdo.com
Creation and editing the website on my live website technograde.jimdo.com 

To create the website on Jimdo, it is necessary simply to fill the registration form on the main Jimdo. Before registration save a website Name, the E-mail, the thought-up Password in the text file. To enter editing mode already created your website Jimdo. Visit your website on the Internet, click below the link Enter . Enter the password .


Main the vertical Menu of editing on the right above with icons. When targeting the icon are colored, and the name of the Section appears.

  • Template
  • Style
  • Blog
  • To update
  • Nasroyki
  • SEO
  • Statistics
  • Help


During creation of the website, Jimdo will suggest to select the Template . When the website is already created its Template it is possible to change . Click the section of the menu Templates on the right (the icon the page) the window with the list of templates Will open. It is better to select templates the list, but not the table. In the list it is visible what can be changed in a template. The selected template is noted by a blue frame.

The section Templates allows to select templates for paid and free rates , templates own and special. And also to configure the selected template. In total 244 Templates .

  • Templates - F - 85 pieces .
  • JimdoPro Templates - P - 42 pieces
  • JimdoBusiness Templates B - 42 pieces
  • Own Template - HTML, CSS.
  • Special templates - S - 75 pieces
  • Settings

Settings a template allow to change only Alignment, Internal distance and the Frame. The main changes of a template can be made in subsection Styles.


Style gives great opportunities for settings of your selected template . In addition to the choice of the offered templates. It is possible to rebuild the template selected by you according to design or a corporate style your website.

Style allows to configure

  • Font format
  • Own background
  • Image of a background
  • Background sample
  • The offered colors - 30 pieces
  • Own color
  • Design of the blog

The quantity and opportunities settings depend on the opportunities of the Template selected by you mortgaged at sozdann . Opportunities for professionals of own HTML template of CSS practically are not limited.


Jimdo allows to create the Blog on your website. Design of the blog can be configured in the section Style.

to Update

All changes on the created website remain in the corresponding tools. Also are at once published. The Update button is the button of the choice of Paid packets. That is to update functionality of the website. To include all its opportunities.


It is the biggest section of the menu. Which consists of set of settings, grouped in subsections.


  • Password
  • The Email address
  • Personal data
  • A photo for a profile
  • Language
  • To delete the account

Web page

  • Name of the website (Title)
  • Links in the cellar of the website
  • To hide the link of an input
  • Protection of pages password
  • Memory
  • Data protection
  • Newsletter
  • Button Upward
  • Page icon
  • Soobshch. from forms
  • To process head

Mobile version

  • Mobile version
  • Mobile business card
  • Own template (CSS)

Control of domains and Email addresses

  • Email addresses
  • Email-perenapravleniya
  • Domains


  • Settings
  • Payment methods
  • Delivery cost
  • International transfers
  • Agreement, rules of work of shop...
  • Templates of letters
  • Form of the order


  • Dropbox
  • QR codes
  • Google Analytics
  • Twitter


  • About the company
  • Jimdo news
  • Dopyu modules
  • To recommend Jimdo

At the choice of setup the window opens, where can configure this this function. For example, in setup Mobile version can klyuchit display of the website on mobile kstroystvo and to select the Mobile template


Complete functionality of the section SEO (optimization of the website for search engines). Complete complex of actions для  promotions of your website to vysoy positions of issue in systems of search it is available only to paid packets .


The section the statistics gives to the owner of the website > data on visit its resource, viewing of pages. From where visitors how many stayed on what page were delayed what left at once came. The statistics gives to the chance to improve the website for visitors. The complete complex of functions of statistics is available to paid packets .


In Jimdo there is a detailed description how to work with your website. All instructions are grouped in sections

In these sections there are answers to all questions Jimdo

  • First steps
  • Design
  • Blog
  • Internet magain
  • Domains
  • E-mail

to Change the Heading of the website

At guidance of the cursor on the heading of the website, the gray horizontal link Change the Heading of the Website reveals. The window which revealed according to the link is located below the heading of the website that at once all changes were visible to . At change of the heading of the website the following options are available

  • Gallery
  • Own image
  • Sample
  • To change the heading
  • Heading
  • Logo

Heading this name of your website or its slogan . Any Google Fonts can format it . Therefore the choice is rather broad. It is possible to configure type size. And also its position in vertical direction and horizontals.

to Create the page

Creation of the page in Jimdo is connected with the navigation menu . Therefore in the beginning it is necessary to guide the cursor to the region of the navigation menu. The horizontal Edit the Navigation Menu window will appear.

When clicking the link Edit the Navigation Menu the window of creation of pages will open. It is necessary to enter a page name. Up - down can move with shooters the page, changing its order in the menu . To the right - to the left can move with shooters the page, changing its order to an enclosure. Creating root , parent pages and their subpages .

page Contents

The page after its creation absolutely of is empty . Even there is no heading. Jimdo at run on the newly created page suggests to add a new element

By clicking + Jimdo suggests to Add the list of elements which can be added on stranets. When forming contents of the page it will be necessary to add several elements . Then to edit some of them .

List of elements

  • Heading
  • Image
  • Text
  • Izobr. in the text
  • Columns
  • Interval
  • Table
  • Gallery
  • Loading of files
  • Form
  • Divider
  • Guest book
  • Video
  • Flickr
  • Google maps
  • Widget/HTML
  • Goods
  • Directory of goods
  • RSS Feed
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • To share
  • Additional elements

to Insert Heading

When clicking the button of an elemnt on the page the container with parameters of its insert opens. And Save button. For example has the heading container

  • Field of the text of heading
  • Level of heading 1, 2, 3

At the upper left any container of an element control buttons an element

  • Up arrow
  • Down arrow
  • A basket to delete
  • Listkik to copy
  • + To create new

to Insert the Text

When clicking on + to create a new element the selection list of elements appears. Let's select an element the text. The container Text has parameters of formatting and heading the New text. The button + you can insert other element going after the New text. If the New text is not saved yet, parameters of its setup are curtailed under heading. That the element the New text was published on the page, after formatting it is necessary to save it .

To insert any a new element. needs to enter the mode of editing previous an element on the page. For this purpose it is necessary just to click on this element. And to click + a new element. Then the new element will be inserted on the page right after of of the edited element .

to Edit the Image

It is possible to edit the element inserted on the page at any time according to your desire. For this purpose it is necessary just to click on this element . In the bottom of an element the edit window will reveal . For example editing element image

 У each element the parameters of editing. At image can edit

  • Size
  • Alignment
  • To turn
  • Увеличиваемый 
  • Subtitle
  • Link
  • Alternative text
  • Pinterest

 Для of loading of the image can select it on the computer. Or to point to Dropbox.


  Websites Builders


Webs Website Builder

Webs Website Builder

Very long time ago, in 2001, three creators of the popular designer of the websites Webs asked themselves a question. If now all can create own E-mail absolutely free of charge. That why not to give the chance to users to create the own website? Without expensive services of the programmer. Independently, quickly and simply. And if the website begins to pay off and bring benefit. That can and be expanded its functionality, having paid for its lease.

Wix Website Builder

Wix Website Builder

Создавайте сайты, а не код. Один из девизов популярного конструктора сайтов Wix. Онлайн конструкторы сайтов работают по облачной технологии SaaS. SaaS это аббревиатура английского Software as a Service (Программы в виде Сервиса). Это означает, что одновременно с Конструктором для создания Вашего сайта. Вам предоставляется и хостинг для этого сайта. То есть Вы можете создать и разместить в интернете Ваш сайт самостоятельно. Быстро, просто и бесплатно.
Hand Made or Websites conveyor

Hand Made or Websites conveyor

Very long time ago. In the sixties last century. When in our huge country there came Khruschev's thaw. And computers mentioned only in fantastic novels.
In those days people did not buy clothes. The clothes were SEWED TO ORDER. In Studio, at the Tailor. Dresses, Coat, Jackets, Trousers. Then the tailor was a significant figure. He created Beauty, Comfort, and Warmly. In sewing hierarchy there were Masters and journeymen. The cutter is a Master. Being behind imperceptible appearance of the baldish grandfather with a harakta

OpenCart Content Installation

OpenCart Content Installation

Installation DEMO CONTENT: Unpack archive contents (example oc156_demo_bags.zip) in a folder on your computer, for example 'democontent'. 1. Install the version of Opencart, corresponds to the version DEMO CONTENT, with Database PREFIX 'opencart_'. 2. Open the database of your site in the interface phpMyAdmin (http://www.phpmyadmin.net/). Make a database IMPORT from file /democontent/database/demodb_opencart_version_1.5.6.sql
Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid Shopping Cart

The Ecwid online store works on the SaaS technology. Software as a Service - programs as service. All your goods with the description, images attached by files. Are stored in the north of Ecwid. Ecwid gives access to your control panel. For management of your shop. Access is password-protected by yours.

Merchium Theme Installation

Merchium Theme Installation

How to install the theme on the online store made ​​on Merchium Saas. Guide to help owners of Internet Stores Merchium